Oil And Ink At ManifestMen.com 

Starring Michell Rock And Adam Killian 

This week’s  update features a duo massage fantasy featuring Mitchell Rock and Adam Killian. Adam is the videographer for ManifestMen as well as the lead of his own dance troupe. You may be familiar with his work with Zeb Atlas in Zeb’s first hardcore scene with Adam on the receiving end of Zeb’s first on-screen blow job.

Mitchell Rock and Adam Killian are real life boyfriends.  Muscular & handsome Mitchell Rock is alone, horny and hard, jacking his thick cock right from the get go. What could be driving this young tattooed bodybuilder to such intensity? The memory of a sensual midnight massage from his real-life boyfriend Adam Killian. While Mitchell Rock lies back jacking off you’ll see what he’s thinking–sleekly muscled,inked & shirtless Adam Killian as he massages Mitchell’s thick hard muscled body. Adam kneads the muscles of Mitchell Rock’s brawny back thick, hard glutes, his powerful arms and thickly muscled pecs, where he pays "special" attention to his erect nipples. These thoughts drive Mitchell Rock to try and recreate that massage by rubbing his own body, flexing along the way before lying back to pump his hard muscle cock. Finally Mitchell Rock lets loose with an intense orgasm that he doesn’t want to end as he milks his cock to the limit. 

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