Nathaniel A Rough & Tumble Guy At

He’s a rough and tumble guy, who spends his time working on greasy mechanics, with little thought to his appearance.

I talked to him a couple times on the phones, and he was just such a straight dude that I had to work with him. He also had a big dick in his photos, and that’s always a bonus.

He worked overtime at the garage and headed straight on over for the shoot. I probably could have spruced him up a bit, trimmed here and there, but I just wanted to get a dude who wasn’t overly plucked and put together. This is gritty goodness.

Nathaniel has beautiful eyes that are offset by his longish black hair. As you might guess he, smelled like a dude who had worked out all day, and if you are into manly scents, you can practically see it on him in this video.

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