Nick At

Nick is a 23-year-old straight guy who works as a server in a very high-scale restaurant.  "It’s crazy," he said. "A little piece of steak costs like 50 bucks." "So the tips are good then?" "Yeah, especially if you get a big party," he said. "Then it really adds up. Even more if you flirt with the girls."  "Really?"  "How does that work?" "I dunno," he said. "Maybe it makes them put pressure on the guys they’re with to leave a bigger tip." When he’s not working at the restaurant, Nick likes snowboard and play basketball.  "I’m actually pretty good," he said, referring to his basketball skills. "Even though my legs are skinny." It turns out that Nick is very shy about his legs. He hesitated when he was asked to take off his pants. "Here they are," he smiled. "My scrawny, hairy legs."  He actually has really sexy legs. Nicely shaped and proportional to his lean, muscular 6′3" frame."You’re a tall guy," "They look good on you."  What an understatement.  Enjoy. 

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