Noah Fucks Dawson  At

Noah Fucks Dawson At

This was Noah’s first time in some hardcore action with another guy! It was a few years ago that Noah first appeared on CF and, until very recently, he’d never done anything beyond a couple solos. That all changed when he recently got into some bi action. That was an amazing video to film, as I kept thinking to myself, "I can’t believe this is finally happening!" as I stood there holding the camera and capturing the action on tape. This video is indeed another case of, "We can’t believe this is finally happening!" actually seeing Noah fuck another man for the very first time ever!

Beyond that amazing accomplishment, however, is another thing that makes this video so big – it’s a huge update! The actual action is split in to two parts, as there was so much to film and so much footage they  had to make it a two-parter.

Then, we get to the action! The guys start things off by chilling in the hot tub, chatting about this and that and eventually steering the conversation to what’s about to happen.  Over the last few years, Noah just gotten so much hotter! He’s more muscular than he was when he shot his first solo vid, and now has this tan that looks amazing on him. Heck, even his haircut is hot now!

Dawson’s pre-show is priceless, and so you definitely have to check that out before watching the rest of the action! I get tons of e-mails from CF fans wondering what goes on before a scene takes place and so you’ll really get a kick out of this one. It’s informative… and hot!!

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