Once again Director Roland Dane brings us an eye popping array of finest specimens of uncut main course that Eastern Europe has to offer.

Olympus Studio is proud to present its latest offering, HOOKED UP.
Roland knows that the only way to capture great action is for the attraction to be real, for the men to be fueled by desire who are hot for each other. These four smoking hot scenes each stand alone as hard hitting scenes of all out sexual savagery. Together they make for one hot viewing experience with plenty of inspiration for those who like to get off watching guys having doing what they do best for your eyes only.

Dom Camillo and Jose Ganetti get the action roaring as they take each other on and get each other off in a man-on-man sexual stand off that leaves them both drained of every last drop of their man juice.

Sometimes a massage is just a massage… And sometimes a massage is a white-hot session that is sure to release any tension in the body. When Jake Watson takes Steve Hunt on the massage table, everyone involved gets a happy beginning, middle and ending. It’s all great. 

And if you made it this far without creaming in your pants you’ll definitely be tempted to let the juices fly with this searing hot three-way between James Jordan, Tobias Steel and Marc Dievo.  To top it all off, literally, Chris Stone pounds the muscle and the muscle-rump as he gives stud Claudio Antonelli a workout he’ll be feeling for the next couple days.

If you don’t get your rocks off watching HOOKED UP, you better check your pulse… because you might be dead. lol Enjoy another Colt Classic!

CLICK HERE to view the XXX preview clips

CLICK HERE to view the xxx preview clips 

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