Pat Bateman and Rusty Stevens At

Pat and Rusty are all hot for each other from the get-go, sporting a pair of big ol’ hard-ons before you know it. You’ll be sporting one too as you see these two hunks go at it like animals. Then they turn into an old married couple.

Pat nearly hyperventilates when Rusty sticks his big hard cock up Pat’s ass. And Pat continues to express his "pleasure" as Rusty keeps thrusting away. (You’ve never heard such squealing!) Interestingly, Pat never loses his hard-on during this ordeal, and manages to go for a ride on Rusty’s tool without too many problems. Pat shoots first, covering Rusty’s thighs in thick cum. Rusty has the last laugh, as he cums right in Pat’s mouth. People will be talking about this scene for a long time – think of it as the first hard-core porn sit-com.

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