Meet Pitty Bang Bang Boys Latin Hottie 

Did we say Pitty, yes we did this hottie’s name is Pitty.  Well, what a pitty he is there and we are here … so here’s the scoop on Pitty.  He’s a real life go go dancer and he’s straight *aren’t we all..opps bite my tongue, he’s 30 yrs old, 5’9", Latino, has amazing skin, and a look that can kill and a great ass and an 8" cock.  Get those tips ready guys and thank you for sharing this hottie Bang Bang!  To see much more of this hottie and his videos check out the Bang Bang Boys full stable of men!


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Bang Bang Boys Bonus!!

 Claudio is 22, 5’8", mixed , 8 1/2" and he’s gonna be a heart breaker but not for awhile he’s in the military now.

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