Ryan Taz & Alex Foster At CircleJerkBoys!

We have a double dose of pretty this week on CircleJerkBoys.com as we pair up a couple of hot jocks with slamming bodies…& pretty faces. Don’t hate. The first is Ryan Raz. Ryan, the blonde blue-eyed stud with the rippled bod and the thick dick, is back and we’re always glad to see the naturalized New Yorker with the Midwestern roots. The second treat this week is one we haven’t seen since last fall, Alex Foster and he’s looking better than ever. Alex has lost the boyish shag and sporting a more controlled look giving us a better appreciate of that handsome face of his. The chemistry between these two has been apparent from the start and we’re reminded of it once they start to kiss. They can’t get enough of each other or get each other naked fast enough. Ryan’s down to his briefs and sporting major wood in no time and even before Alex can get his pants off he has Ryan’s dick in his mouth. Ryan isn’t about to complain as he gets his rock hard cock swallowed. Ryan then begins to feel left out as he pushes Alex off his cock and gets him to stand up so he can have some dick of his own. He feverishly begins to savor that dick. Alex holds his head by a fistful of blonde locks and fucks his face. They won’t be able to contain their desire for long and Alex soon gets up and plops himself on the couch and looks at Ryan who immediately knows what to do. He straddles Alex, slides on a condom before aiming that California cock at that hot ass of his and takes every inch of it. Ryan finally has that thick cock where he’s wanted it all along and Alex is only more than willing to let him have it. He grinds that dick of his up into that hot ass as Ryan works that magic. He bends Ryan over and starts pounding that hot ass doggy style.

Alex holds Ryan still with one hand as he continues to fuck that sweet ass. They then migrate over into missionary position as we see even more action involving Alex’ throbbing cock plowing into Ryan’s sweet ass. He fucks his ass harder and deeper as they both get closer to exploding. Once they are near climax, Alex pulls out and they both stroke their cocks off. Alex is the first to nut as he blows his wad all over Ryan’s cock and balls causing him to explode once his fist gets a warm lube infusion as Alex explodes all over it. Whew.  

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