Sizzling’ Stick Stuff From The All New COLT!

 COLT’s new membership site is a key element in an innovative digital strategy developed between the two companies that includes cutting-edge Internet applications, a robust affiliate program, and exclusive video content optimized with the latest high-definition digital technology.

COLT is a brand known by gay men around the world.’s all-new look and enhanced usability bring the true COLT experience online for the first time with such features as:

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– HD-quality videos that bring the DVD experience online

– Hundreds of two-minute trailers for every scene

– An enhanced search engine allowing searches by niche, category and brand

– A favorites list that enables users to personalize their selection of videos

– Hundreds of big, bold, high-def photo galleries from the COLT vaults

     Click here to take the COLT XXX tour

Click here to take the COLT XXX tour

Talk about archives!  Talk about the best of Masculine Photography and Action!

 Talk COLTStudios!

Brad Patton, Tom Chase 

COLTstudiogroup — Couples 3 

Chris Wide, Jake Andrews

COLTstudiogroup — Man Country


Chris Wide, Roger Danik

COLTstudiogroup — Muscle Up!

Carlo Masi, Chris Wide

COLTstudiogroup — Wide Strokes


Tod Parker, Todd Maxwell

COLTstudiogroup — Couples II


Cannon, Jake Andrews

COLTstudiogroup — Couples II


Carlo Masi, Gage Weston, Luke Garrett

COLTstudiogroup — Man Country 

Jock Peterman, Kurt Kittridge

COLTstudiogroup — Couples

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