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Dobri Timaru is a powerman with many qualities. These qualities are primarily fitness and muscle related but they are none the less very impressive. Dobri manages to keep himself fit by running, cycling, swimming, rock climbing and anything else that makes his muscles flex and his heart pound; he certainly makes our heart pound on Livemuscleshow, and we’re certain that he makes yours pound too. All this physical activity and still time to build those huge, hulking muscles? Well yes he has, obviously! This is achieved by Dobri’s very strict regime. From the moment this muscle hunk rises in the morning to the moment he places his beautifully molded head onto the pillow in the evening he is timetabled. Dobri finds it easy to work in this way and it allows him to manage his leisure time when he allows himself some. This is usually spent in some quite reading of the latest bodybuilding publications or chatting to you gay muscle fans on Livemuscleshow.

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