Taylor & Vander These Hunks Are Wet n RAW


We have been following closely Vander and Taylor as they put their dirty minds to best use- making steaming hot raw sex! But not with each other.

Bryan knew that Taylor liked to piss on girls on very rare occasions, so he asked Vander if that turned him on. Vander’s answer was, "Yes! Pissing on a dude is hot!" They both agreed the actual pissing ON the person was OK, but not in the mouth. So for the faint of heart, the piss play in this video (and future ones!) is very "vanilla" and will likely stay so. 

They start off kissing, then Vander eagerly sucks Taylor’s cock. Then it was Taylor’s turn and he is COMPLETELY fascinated with Vander’s huge dick. Taylor fucks Vander for a while then pulls out and pissing all over Vander’s hard cock. Vander uses the liquid to jack his ever-hardening cock.  Taylor keeps shoving his cock in, pulling out and pissing on Vander’s hole. It’s not for everyone, but we think even the most prim and proper gay guy will get off to this lite piss play and dominance. Enjoy.

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