Teo Services Alexandro Oh Yes At ChaosMen!

Why oh why didn’t I blow Alexandro? (Oh yeah, cuz there is way too much of it on the site already.)  But I was kicking myself while Alexandro was doing his solo. He has one beautiful fat uncut cock. Slurp! You see, I had Teo all setup the next day “just in case” Alexandro wanted to get his dick sucked while he was here doing his solo.  I figured Teo would excel at dealing with an uncut cock, and he does a fine job.

But Teo had lockjaw after only 3-4 minutes. And to honest, I think I would have too!  Alexandro was atypically quiet for a guy who I thought would be open-minded to having another guy blow him. Which makes for a good “Nervous Straight Guy Gets Blown for the First Time” type of video.

We broke a couple times to take photos, and Teo just kept laughing at how huge Alexandro’s cock was, and relieved he was only blowing him and felt sorry for the poor guy who was going to (hopefully for us) sit on it!

Teo also steps up his game by letting Alexandro cum in his mouth, sucking the last drop out of his ginormous uncut cock!  

Take the XXX Chaos tour

Take the XXX Chaos tour


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