Tex In His Wranglers At ChaosMen.com 

Tex is kind of combo of stripper and cowboy with his Wranglers and fancy underwear. He does strip for a living and he grew back his pubes a bit for us. He’s done video work before, but mostly getting his amazing bootie spanked, so we "think" this is his first full-on sex film. Ya just never know anymore. Tex was an easy guy to hang with. We went to dinner before the shoot, and was great to have a conversation with. From the interview, you can see he has great energy and is easy to talk with. 

His cock is pretty amazing too. Big and beefy and straight as an arrow. His attitude towards sex seems a bit more…uh..bent.  Tex is straight, but we sense he is very flexible and is willing to maybe mess around with a dude.  We like this guy a lot. He is friendly and gregarious enough that I think he will put other nervous guys at ease, so we are gonna see how he does with a more "hands on" video and take it from there.

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