The PortHole 3 At

This week Active Duty is doing a special preview of a members only pre-release of their next DVD, The Porthole 3. This week they are streaming the entire first scene. This scene introduces Gio to the Porthole as Gage shows him the ropes. Gio catches on quickly and in no time flat he’s sucking a huge cock through The Porthole. Randy is the lucky cock on the other side and he’s loving the attention he’s getting from Gio’s hot mouth. Joining Randy on the other side are Reese and an anonymous player who happened to be visiting that weekend, but doesn’t actually do videos for Active Duty. This friend agreed to get in the action if they didn’t show his face. They did the best they could, but his ass gets plenty of camera time as Randy pounds it hard, long-stroking it and deep-dicking it like there’s no tomorrow.

 The anonymous player can’t help himself and eventually blows a huge load all over the floor below him as Randy keeps pounding him harder. Meanwhile, Gage is fucking Gio on the other side while Gio feeds on Reese’s huge meat. While Randy is still banging the anonymous dude’s brains out, Reese joins Gage and Gio on the other side where Gage is fucking Gio’s hot ass. Reese gets in there and fucks Gio, too. Once Randy has finished with the anonymous porthole player, he moves over to join the other three guys and ends up fucking Reese like there’s no tomorrow. Randy, Reese and Gage all blow their loads all over Reese’s stomach and it’s a wrap.

The only way to see this video now is to join Active Duty.  The 2nd scene features Cole, DJ, Elijah and Chaz, and has pics in the gallery now. Streaming at the same time are 8 other full-length Active Duty movies. We also noticed that they have an interactive live show with chat each day this week, and 500 live shows in the archive, so now is a great time to join!

 No better time than now to join!