Trey Turner At

 Born in New Jersey but raised a Florida boy, Trey Turner is in the house to show us what he’s got. At 20 this exotic mix of Island spices would make many a heart swoon and even more asses sore. Get your attention did we? Settle down. When asked about his sexuality, Trey blurts out “Gay!” before we even finished asking the question. He figured that out way back in High School when he decided to come out his senior year. This tall stud knows exactly what fills out his thicker than average love joy. Trey is 2 parts Puerto Rican and 1 part Filipino coming together to give us one lean, smooth and muscular stud. Fortunately for Trey—and more than a few of us—one of those Puerto Rican parts materialized in the form of an 8” ass master. Trey is versatile but in a relationship he usually ends up topping mostly. Contrary to what one would think, most guys are apprehensive about letting him fuck them. Usually, left to their own devices they figure out a way to make it work and then can’t get enough. For now, Trey is off the market and has been dating a guy for a few months and they’re still fucking like bunnies. Good times. He’s still exploring his sexualities and at his age he has many sexual fantasies left untouched. Incorporating food into sex intrigues him and he wants to have a 3some where he can be stuffing one hottie—while another hottie is stuffing him…any takers?

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