Two Lovers David Taylor And Lucky Daniels



Heading back to the Castro,  Epoc  seeks the vibrations of pure love. Epoc watches two lovers, David Taylor and Lucky Daniels, on the street as they look at each other deeply and kiss with a soulful connection. They hurry back to their apartment to continue their heartfelt reunion. Epoc perches above and watches.

The men move their lovemaking over to the bed and Epoc transports them over to his lab for closer study. David kisses down Lucky’s body and takes his boyfriend’s growing cock into his mouth.  Lucky enjoys David’s beautiful, tattooed body and works his way down to David’s cock.

 Lucky sits atop David’s hard cock and rides it in pleasure, all while Epoc monitors their lovemaking. David  points his flesh torpedo at Lucky’s hole and slowly pushes it in, then pumps his cock in and out of Lucky’s tight hole until his pace picks up and he is fucking him hard. Lucky loves the feel of his lover’s hard cock deep inside his ass… this is so hot!

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