Wowie Zane Fucks Silas On

Wow! What a hot pairing! And More Zowie Zane for all his fans!

Bryan found someone to put with Zane that doesn’t look miniturized. Silas’s body is just getting better and better, and though he is not as tall as Zane, Silas sure brought the muscle on this time. Bryan loved working with Zane because he is down for anything. Silas has been bottoming a lot and Bryan knew Zane likes to get fucked when he cums. So  knew it was time to have Silas top.

One thing I always forget is how meaty Zane’s ass is. Despite Silas’s substantial dick, it’s just dang hard to see him fucking Zane. Then of course each one of Zane’s thighs is the size of small guy’s waist, it’s hard to manuever him into position.

But Silas tries his best to fuck him and we even get to see him fuck the cum litterally out of Zane. Zane is also an amazing top, and I think we got some of the best fucking footage in this video. Lots of raw plunging in and out of Silas’s hole! I put Silas in Reverse Cowboy position, one Bryan knew he was really good at, and again, we got some amazing shots! The video is long as they did lots of sucking, ass eating, and cock play that was just too awesome to leave on the cutting room floor. This video has everything complete with Silas nutting all over Zane’s face and Zane sucking the last drops of cum out of Silas’s dick!

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