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 This week we have a special treat for those redhead aficionados. Fort Lauderdale native, Red Savage is here this afternoon to let us take a peek at his "Fire" down below. Red is 26 and he’s currently dating a girl that he likes. She’s pretty good in the sack but he says he’s had better and that might be what’s lacking in their relationship. Red’s problem is that he packs more than the average bear in the cock department. He admits he’s ended up hurting a few girls with his massive 8.5" cock. He has a time frame in which he needs to nut and if he takes too long it’s gonna start to hurt —but Red’s gotta cum! The best part of having a dick as big as his is the self confidence it brings to the table as well as the bedroom. He knows if anything goes down he’s more than equipped to drive a girl wild. The bad side is a lot of girls can’t take it and other girls flat out turn him down. Red’s a horn dog & needs to pound a hole or get off at least twice a day. When he needs to get off he gets off even if it means finding a supply closet at work to wank off in. The sexual fantasy yet to come true for this stud is to fuck a female police officer in the back of her squad car. "Something about a woman in uniform makes em look like they can take you on. It’s extremely erotic to me". Well, Red is 2 days behind on Wank Duty, so grab your protective eyewear, sit back and let’s let this Cop-lovin’ Lady’s man polish his X-tra thick Billy club to a spit-shine finish.


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