Introducing Buddy Davis At

A friend of Randy’s in Florida sent him a very excited email recently. He said that there was a guy out there that he just had to meet and that he should book him right away. Randy doesn’t usually do that.  His name was Buddy Davis who Randy’s friend had met him at a party. Randy wrote Buddy and asked him to send a photo. Randy was blown away and got him on the phone and to LA as soon as he could. He’s got this great boyish face with eyes that can only be called dreamy. He wears his wavy hair in a tousled, unkempt look. And his body is beautiful, well sculpted muscle from head to toe. There is something really classic about his look. He almost reminds me of the pin-up idols of the 50’s. I could see shooting him in black and white. He had no problems bearing all for the cameras and was really comfortable in his own skin. Although he doesn’t make much noise, he’s a lot of fun to watch because he gets so lost in the heat of his own self-pleasuring that after a while he doesn’t even know there’s a camera and crew around. It gave us the freedom to just move around him and get the best shots because he didn’t even notice us. And when he shot his load it was like he’d been saving it up for days. Quiet and understated but so sexy.

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