Alessio & Dayton Horned Up At!

Alessio finally arrives after Dayton has been waiting for him to show up. Needing a shower after the gym, he heads straight for the bathroom to clean up before they head out.   Alessio reappears from the bath, only this time he is butt-ass naked, dick fully boned up. Dayton surely must be day-tripping but gives in to the fantasy in his head and begins ordering Alessio to pose and flex, suck his dick, show his ass and then one last "you ready to get fucked"? Dayton shoves his long dick down Alessio’s hairy ass and soon they are both blowing cum everywhere. One more "get over there and pose for me" from Dayton before Alessio disappears back to the bathroom. 

When the door opens this time, he is ready to go out for the afternoon – the real purpose of his visit – and Dayton’s day-tripping experience has ended abruptly.   Fantasy or not !!! This video is full of muscle worship, hairy pits and ass, spitting, sloppy kissing, dick gagging, cock sucking and ass fucking. Sticky stuff lol!

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