American Connor & East Euro Hunk Jean-Daniel On 

The irresistible bond between the Old World and the New sparks yet again as the muscled blonde American Connor catches the dark gaze of Jean-Daniel Chagall, a lush yet lithe East-European with brown-black curls. As if dreaming they know in a heartbeat where it will lead. Inhaling the scent of their own sweet, sex-sharp chemistry, they begin by ravishing one another’s lips and tongues, soon gliding down more roughly to savor their loins, cocks, and balls. Connor knows where he wants to be: deep inside Jean-Daniel, thrusting him hard into oblivion. Jean-Daniel submits, spreading his smooth legs wide like wings to disclose the prize rosebud now slick and ready from Connor’s tonguings. The American’s veined cock is like pink granite as it muscles its way home, sending Jean-Daniel into whimpering flights of pleasure and pain. No mercy from Connor, and Jean-Daniel wants none. When Connor finally withdraws he scalds Jean-Daniel’s ass with jets of hot cream and, soon enough, milks thick ribbons of the same from his plundered European.

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