Starring Patrik & Christian Alexander

Have you ever fantasized about going to "The Barber" and getting your ass pounded by a stud. Well guys your fantasy has come true! Patrik the stud from Praque is ready with his eager cock to give Christian Alexander exactly what he wants! Patrik loves to top and Christian with his tight smooth ass loves to bottom so these guys are the perfect match up. Both guys are extremely beautiful with chiselled good looks, flawless muscular physiques, juicy big cocks and nice firm butts.

Christian just loves to lick, suck and gobble on Patrik’s gorgeous piece of meat and Patrik returns the favour by giving Christian’s ass a damn good pounding. You can tell by Christian’s face and his moans and groans that he is loving Patrik’s cock pounding his ass.There is nothing more sexy then two beautiful masculine men getting it on! And when both explode lots of hot manly cum all over the Barbers shop you can see by the amount how much these guys enjoyed themselves!

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