Austin Fucks Lucas At CorbinFisher

Not only does Austin’s great looks and build blow us away, but the fact that he agreed to get a blowjob from another guy also  thrills us! He didn’t stop there, though, as he also decided to try out some hardcore guy/guy action! 

Dare we say it, he’s taken to it all like a duck to water! Austin has such an easy going attitude that’s put him right at home among CF’s other studs and has also helped him out a great deal in venturing into such new territory! He’s so friendly and laidback that hardly any situation would intimidate him or make him the least bit uncomfortable. Indeed, in chatting it up with TJ before his first blowjob from a guy and Lucas in this video, he was totally at ease and able to hang out like he’d known the guys for ages!

Speaking of Lucas, he’s also incredibly chill and easy going, as you know, and so he and Austin get along great here. They hang out in the hot tub for awhile before getting into the action and might as well be long-time buds by the time they do!

Actually, we were in for quite a big surprise once these guys got to it! Not only did Austin eagerly go down on Lucas and suck dick for the first time ever, but these two were so horned up and into things once they got to fucking that Lucas was firing off a big load – with Austin’s dick buried deep inside him – in no time! You could tell that totally put Austin over the edge as he drenches Lucas’ back in his own load immediately after!  

Now that’s what we call hot stuff!  Enjoy!

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Click here to take the CF XXX tour now


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