Brutus di Fino Sneak Preview On!

We think Brutus di Fino looks a little like….welll….George of the Jungle. Think about it. Remember that hunky, handsome young vine-swingin’, tree-slammin’ hero? And didn’t you want to see what he had going on under that loincloth? Now’s your chance…..just add about 100 pounds on solid, ripped muscle, and you can latch onto our boy Geo–er, Brutus – lift that flimsy little cloth and get a look at the powerful, slick engine that makes it all run! This outing, Brutus is found thumbing through (get this ) a French tourism magazine, which somehow zaps his limited memory back to recent days in a luxury suite, entertaining a safari benefactor. So… – you get TWO Brutus scenes, for the price of one! Check out our vine-swinger now!


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