Cody Cummings And Sexy Anthony Romero

You've seen Cody Cummings push his limits.  But you've never seen the Next Door Stallion like THIS!  Anthony Romero joins Cody for a scene of epic proportion.  As Cody chats on the phone with a friend, Anthony enjoys Cody's massive, throbbing cock. 

Cody's enjoyment escalates quickly as Anthony slurps like a dick-starved fiend in need of man meat.  And as the heat rises, Cody finally gives in to his deepest temptations, locking lips with Anthony in the midst of RED HOT passion!  Then prepare yourself for a Cody first.  While Anthony strokes Cody's big hard boner, Cody's hand finds its way to Anthony's dick.  Watch him jerk Anthony's bulging hard-on like you've never seen before…because Cody's never pushed it THIS far!      

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