Emil Garin & Uberto Ugo In Heat 2 At MuscleHunks.com

The men are tough in Romania. They have to be; strong men dominate the gyms, and newcomers have to prove themselves. Meet arrogant, handsome, beautifully built, magnificently butted Emil Garin, the new man in town, fresh from the countryside and with the smell of hay still on him. He’s heard that strong, silent, huge bodybuilder Uberto Ugo is the man to beat – and the man to catch! Watch as the two square off in the ring – and in the locker room. WITH GUEST WRESTLERS LEX ATTILA, Dennis Martin, Micu Malta and hugely muscled Ben Johnson! EXTRA SPECIAL BONUSES in this riproaring wrestling epic include an explicit slideshow of the MEN of Heat 2: The Challenge 2, and the four-way tagteam match to the sweaty end with a ripped and massive LEX ATTILA, pretty boys DENNIS MARTIN and MICU MALTA, and Superheavyweight bodybuilder BEN JOHSON – plus the shower jo scene with BEN, DENNIS AND MICU!

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