Hayden Fucks Lucas At CorbinFisher.com

 Here it is, Hayden’s first time with another guy!

Hayden and Lucas make for a good pairing. They’re both buff and muscular and are also both very confident and comfortable in most any situation. Hayden and Lucas were certainly compatible with one another – so much so that it isn’t long before Lucas’ mouth has Hayden’s dick rock hard and ready to get going!

Lucas spends plenty of time sucking Hayden’s cock and getting him all worked up and ready. One of the hottest moments of this whole session, however, is when Lucas presents his own hard dick to Hayden’s mouth and encourages him to take a shot at sucking another guy for the very first time. Hayden hesitates and can’t help but laugh at the idea of it before finally giving in and trying it out.

After the hot and fun foreplay, it’s time for straight stud Hayden to fuck a guy for the very first time, and Lucas sits down on his dick to break him in. At this point, it’s obvious Hayden’s feeling good and having himself a blast, and his facial expressions are priceless while he pumps Lucas’ ass. Indeed, he looks like he’s going to cum at any second while Lucas rides him!

Surprisingly enough, though, it’s not Hayden that cums first despite those facial expressions! While bent over the bed, getting it from Hayden from behind, Lucas just can’t hold out any longer and blows his load. Hayden looks like he can hardly believe Lucas must have been feeling so good as to blow his load so quick and suddenly like that. By the time Lucas pulls himself off of Hayden’s dick, spins around, and takes it in his mouth, Hayden is firing off his own load into Lucas’ mouth almost instantly!

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Click here to take the CF XXX tour now