Horse Hung Joey Adams At

22 year old Joey is a rosy-cheeked cutie with a body so lean and chiseled, it seems created for the singular purpose of making his fat, cut eight inch cock appear even more drop-to-your-knees and suck-him-to-the-balls goregous than it already is. Joey said his most exciting sexual experience took place with an adventurous nymphette atop a pitcher’s mound on a baseball field. Joey seems to have a thing for the older, wilder females, as when he was a freshman, he met a Junior girl “who saw an opportunity to get something from me, and she took it: my cherry!” His sinewy, smooth fat-free physique is a work in progress that began when he a kid: eleven years of wrestling, baseball, swimming, and boarding have definitely done his body good. But like any guy, and luckily for us, when the blood leaves his muscles, it heads right for his dick and leads to his 4-5x a day jacking habit that he will indulge “wherever the hell I am.” Fortunately for us, one of those places was in our California studio, and we made sure to get the first load of the day. As you will see at the end, this is one time the early bird definitely got the…sperm!

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