Introducing JT At  

AGE: 23
HEIGHT: 6′2"
BUILD: Athletic
COCK: 8" Uncut

The more time spent around JT, the more and more he grow on you! He has a very model-like, angular face, and a tremendously endearing smile. When he takes his shirt off, he reveals a great chest with incredible pecs on a lean frame. When he takes his pants off, the hot stuff keeps coming as he shows off a nice, big, long dick (uncut, at that)!

There’s just something new to love about him at every step! :)

We are definitely interested in what else CF has in store for JT. He comes across as a bit cocky during this interview, but we detect he’s got a softer side we can tap into here. It’s certainly one of those cases where we can’t wait to see what sort of attitude and approach he takes to an action scene – either with a girl or with a guy! Further, that tight and defined frame and that big dick obviously have a lot of potential when it comes to seeing them in action! 

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CLICK here to take the free tour