Jamie & Kurt At SeanCody.com

Now here’s a very cute face that we haven’t seen in a while!  When we first met Jamie, he and his brother Lucas had come out at the same time to do videos (separately!). Jamie said he was planning on enlisting in the service in hopes of becoming a Navy Seal.  Well, he did enlist and he is well on his way to making his goal. So it was very, very surprising when my phone rang and it was Jamie saying that he was interested in getting fucked! Sean figured that after he joined the military, he’d never hear from him again. However, his offer had one string attached… that we couldn’t tell his brother!

When he finally arrived, he was sporting the military haircut and he had picked up the habit of saying "Sir" a lot! But he was still adorable as ever and eager to go. Sean knew that Jamie would be comfortable with Kurt. Sometimes with newbies you have to put them with someone who can put them at ease.

Then came another surprise — Jamie was really pretty aggressive and absolutely LOVED everything he and Kurt did together. He devoured Kurt’s cock, and squirmed while Kurt ate his ass. His back arched and his eyes rolled while Kurt pounded him, and the end… well, let’s just say that cum-eating fans are going to enjoy it!

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 Click here to see the free XXX Sean Cody Tour

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