Out In Public With The Big Boys!



Let’s fuck now. Yes, right here. Sex in public.

 This websites is the video blog documentation of two very horny guys. They meet guys and fuck the heck out of them before they ever know the guys names. 

In this weeks Out In Public  our guy is chilling with his homie and he comes all the way from  Canada so he had to show this kid what the U.S is all about. They knew the perfect spot to pick up some hot young guys. They spot this kid who looks lost but let me tell you that he jumped at the camera and was not shy at all, we're guessing that he has a thing for big dudes so when he heard what they were about he literally jumped at the opportunity and the homie was loving the excitement so our visitor showed a Floridian how they take care of things in Toronto.  So you might want to almost feel sorry for the kid since he too that big dick out of hand and right there Out in Public

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