Sam A Southern Charmer At!

When Sam applied to the site, his pictures immediately caught my attention. As you can see, he’s a hot guy with great eyes and lips! He heard about us from a friend and decided it’d be fun to see if he could shoot a video for us! When I called him after spotting his application, the deal was sealed! He’s from the South and has quite the accent, as you’ll hear! It’s quite endearing on him and fits him perfectly.

 Sam joined us on the CF location shoot, and fit right in to that rural area, surrounded by wilderness and wildlife. He’s the outdoorsy type, and also loves cars. He’s had some pretty sweet rides over the years and, to be honest, I couldn’thelp but notice some of his really nice clothes! "You have some pretty pricey jeans there," I mentioned to him at one point while we were hanging out around the campfire. He looked down at his jeans, laughed and shrugged, and just said, "These ones fit the best!"

The clothes, as well as some of the cars he’d mentioned he’d had, led me to ask, "It’s obviously not the money that brought you here, is it?". "Not really… I just figured it would be fun!" Sam replied.

We guess appearing on CF was yet another fun adventure for him, and so I can’t help but think that when he found out his very first shoot was out on location, as opposed to at a studio, it only made it all the more interesting and fun for him.

Sam has a nice, hot dick that we get to see him stroke and play with. It’s pretty clear he was having himself quite a bit of fun showing off for the camera, his dick as hard as could be while he jerked it off and shot a nice, thick load!

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Age:     21
Height:  5′ 10"
Build:  Athletic
Waist:  31
Weight:  172 lbs
Cock:  8" Cut
Eyes:  Hazel
Hair:  Brown
Shoe:  10.5

Click here to take the CF XXX tour now

Click here to take the CF XXX tour now 

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